Our products are used in many different industries with the common need of heating for a safe and effective operation. Such is the case in many manufacturing industries and that means our products have many areas of application.

Many liquids and gases must be heated before transportation and/or to be stored safe. Components that need to be heated are for example pipe systems, valves, couplings, gas cylinders, pumps and filters. If those are placed in an outdoor environment they must also be protected against water, frost, dust and general abrasion. Therefore, it is the application environment that determines the choice of materials in our production.

During the years we have delivered customized heating solutions to industries for instance within: Petrochemicals, Pulp & Paper, Biofuel, Maritime, Asphalt, Food and Pharmaceuticals.

Another area for use of our products is in the bakeout procedure of UHV (Ultra High Vacuum), used in particle research. To obtain UHV the vacuum chamber must be heated to 100°C – 300°C to absorb water and other contamination which disturbs the acceleration ability in the chamber. UHV-equipment are very complex systems consisting of several different components that has to be heated while some parts at the same time must be protected against heat. Several products from our assortment are often used for the best result.

Naturally there are more areas where heating is a good investment both time- and cost wise. Don´t hesitate to call us if you have questions about heating in your business. It´s our mission to develop the best solution for your needs.